Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vintage Football

2-4-11  Ok, perhaps it is not girly or pink, but it is vintage.  Football has been around professionally since 1920, as the American Professional Football Association.  In 1922, it was renamed the National Football League NFL.  The Green Bay Packers have been and organization since 1919, and they became a professional franchise in 1921.  The Superbowl isn't quite as vintage, as it has only been played since 1967.  However, it is always enjoyed in this household as a time for family, snacks, fashion, and perhaps a microbrew or two.  I love the shirt above, as fashion for the Superbowl.  It can be purchased at  As a snack, I love to serve traveling tortilla dip on a carnival plate, with some blue tortilla chips.  Just spread some beans, followed by some guacamole, then some sour cream mixed with taco seasoning to taste, and then sprinkle some cheese, tomatoes, and olives on top.  It is simple, wonderful, and totally Superbowl worthy.  Perhaps you could tune in Sunday around 4:30pm, and we can enjoy it together.

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