Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shabby Chic Will Be The Death Of My Finances

2-17-11  What is it about home decor, that adds butterflies to the stomach?  Why would one use money that could go to a months worth of gourmet meals on bedding?  I will tell you why.  This is your peaceful place.  This is where the most important moments of your life take place.  Your dreams, your recovery from illness, your rebuilding of cells, and your most intimate moments take place here.  So it should be as cozy and aesthetically pleasing as possible to everyone who lives there.  Luckily for me, my husband deals with the flowers in our room.  Perhaps it is because underneath there is a down mattress pad and the coziest pillows I could find.  A great mattress pad and pillows to buy can be found at  As for the sheets and bedding.  I can not get over shabby chic by Rachel Ashwell.  She finds the softest, cutest fabrics.  I have had several of her designs, but my current fave is Bella Blue bedding (above).  The light pastels are so soothing an mesmerizing, and the fabric is so soft.  The best is after you wash it in lavender vanilla detergent and use lavender vanilla fabric softener.  Sweet.

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