Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love's Babysoft

2-7-11  This morning while getting ready, I pondered what scent to wear.  Behind the other perfumes, it caught my eye.  Love's Babysoft.  From the age of 11, Love's has always been in my perfume collection.  I don't know if it is the memories, or just the clean fresh scent, but it is always lovely to fall back on.  Sometimes, I would even spray it on my children's clothing before dressing them when they were babies.  People would comment on how good they smelled.  One day I let my sister in law in on the secret, hence the two bottles on my shelf(pictured above).  She included a twin pack with my Christmas gift.  Loves has been around since 1974, so I guess it is not quite vintage, but it is quite a bit older than I.  It is so inexpensive, you could buy a bottle to keep in your purse for whenever there is a bad smell in your car or vicinity.  The Victorian ladies used to carry something around to sniff in cases like these.  I'll take a cue from them.

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