Friday, March 31, 2017

A Fairy Tale for Modern Times and Moms Who Think They Have To Be Perfect

   Who hasn't wanted to be the perfect mom, wife, and woman?  This girl has, but is she? She wanted to keep a clean house and a happy family. She couldn't afford to stay home, so she had to work.  It made her sad.  She left her kids with people who didn't love them, but she was helping feed them.  It was such a weird predicament.  She was so jealous of moms who could stay home, but maybe they were jealous of her and her ability to escape. She doubted it.  She hated commuting and working for a grouchy man and the time away from that which she cared for most.  Then a miracle occurred.  She got a job working as a school librarian 8-2:30 every day.  At this point, her babies were in Kindergarten and 2nd grade, so they all walked to school together.  For three years, her life was bliss on a tiny budget.  She had time when she got home to exercise, pick up the house and start dinner before walking to pick up her kids.  She read, cooked adventurously, blogged, and mommied like nobody's business.  Then she moved and got another low paying, yet 40 hour a week job.  This is what her cupboards look like now.  And her kitchen table looks like all of ours in a busy time...
 I've got some good spices, but they are a mess...
 This is where I keep my tupperware.  Looking good...

All moms have a table like this at some point

   She's still happy, but this working 40 hour weeks is for the birds in her opinion. Her kids are still happy, and they have a great relationship, but she doesn't make bread or bake anymore.  She doesn't blog anymore.  She doesn't paint her nails anymore. She comes home, cooks a fun dinner(something she loves to do)and she crashes.  No more blogging, no more reading, no more keeping up the house.  She works on my college classes, maybe watches a show with the family.  

  The crazy thing is, even though I complain, I'm still so lucky.  Sometimes on the walk home from work my senses appreciate my freedom....appreciate the beauty around me.  
My walk home the other day, realizing all the snow had melted...

I think of people who just want clean water, who just want someone to notice them, who just want a friend.  How can I complain when I have all these things.  Perspective might be one of the best things humans can use.  Just writing this opened up my eyes to all I have to be thankful for. And I have started baking again... pistachio muffins to come...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Coming Back to the Blog

I haven't been very active on my blog, and I have decided to get back into it.  In life, I'm trying to learn and take in as much as I can, and also put out positivity for others.  I took a couple outfit pictures this week to show that you can have fun with fashion for cheap.  I have also begun filming vegetarian cooking how to videos on my Youtube channel, which I will link.  I clearly have much to learn about editing, but here is the link if you are interested.  I imagine it will only get better, and hope it is helpful to others.

The name of this first ensemble is "Purple and Pearls"....

The story behind this outfit is very cheap.  The skirt was purchased in the clearance section at JCPenney for less than $10, the shoes were on clearance at Target for $6, and the shirt was purchased at a used clothing store for $2, so it may be from the 90's, but it is originally from Express.  The pearls were from Avon back in the day.  The whole ensemble was less than $25, but it made me feel like 1 million dollars.

It was a big day of business at work, so I wanted to look the part.   I had to give an address in front of a room full of University Faculty.  No matter how many times I do it, it never gets easier.  My heart beats to where I can feel it in my chest.  I don't know if it is social anxiety, or if it is normal.  Do any of you suffer from this physical symptom?  The day was a blur of activity, and I was so happy to return home and make a meal for my family.

I think I will name Outfit #2 Wild Side...

The dress and shoes were purchased on clearance from Target for less than $10 each, the cardigan was purchased at a used clothing store for $3, and the necklace was my grandmother's, and I inherited it when she died.  This is another outfit that cost less than $25.  I know it is wild to mix patterns, but I thought these two worked together, and the neutral shoes toned it down.  I hope you all enjoyed my outfits, and I would love to see some that you have pulled together in the comments.

An Unfortunate Accident

A fun night of games with the family could have been tragic if not for the observant peepers of my family.  A while back, we were playing games around the coffee table.  Behind me, on the fireplace mantle, was a candle.  We were laughing and playing, and I got a bit naughty and tried to cheat.  When I was caught, I laughed and leaned back, and my long hair got close to the flame.  When I sat back up, my family looked at me shocked and said, "Your hair!!"  I quickly patted the flame with my hands to deprive it of oxygen and was able to get it out.  Sadly, though, I lost my long locks.  It definitely could have been worse, and I am so grateful it wasn't.  I am bummed I wasn't able to donate them to people in need though.  In the future, I will be much more careful around candles, and I hope you are too.


Friday, June 3, 2016

The Healing Power of Nature

There is a beautiful park by my house, which I like to stroll in.  Whenever I go, I am calmed and also amazed, whatever season it may be.  When I am there, things in nature evoke thoughts and memories, be it a green smell, a beautiful flower, or a family of geese that reminds me of my family.  Life can be so wonderful at times, but it can also be hard.  The wonderful thing about nature, is it comes back every season the same.  Sure, there are subtle differences in temperature, or the way the plants grow, but a certain plant will remind you of a happy memory, and in that, it is constant. 

 This reminded me of my family.

These beautiful purple flowers were so fragrant, and looked striking against the green.

Wild roses

My love running through the park


Saturday, April 25, 2015


The drum beat reverberated off the walls and ceiling, shaking the floor.  In danced the Natives in their colorful garb and feathers.  In front of them danced the Veterans of Foreign wars, followed by the women-- members of the VFW. There was a woman dressed in blue with a peacock headdress dancing in the group with Evelyn. Behind the peacock woman, the men looked like warriors. They were dancing in a different fashion than the ones ahead.  Their dances were elaborate and they spun around while dancing.  The air smelled of sage.  Standing alongside me was my boss George, and he said, “They burn three herbs.  First, they burn sage to rid the evil spirits.  The next herb they burn is an offering, and the third herb is to protect.”  The women dancers followed the warriors and the children followed the women.  There was one child who looked to be no more than three years old being led around the circle.  After a pause, where we clapped for the Veterans with their flags, the dancing circle began again.   At the end, the first veteran shook hands with the second and lined up, then the second shook hands with the third and lined up, and so on.   A huge variety for the senses was had by all who attended, from the taste of the fry bread tacos, to the scent of burning herbs, to the sound of drums and the twinkling noises from the large gold beads on the dresses clinking together, to the variety of colors and headdresses for the eyes to take in, to the feeling of the vibrations on the air and in the floor from the drums.
Minot State University Powwow 4/24/15