Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bubble Bath

2-5-11  In these frosty conditions of wintertime, my biggest addiction is probably a bubble bath.  Just about every night, I ask my hubby if it is ok if I partake in a bubble bath.  Luckily, he always says yes.  Then I pour some Avon Soft Pink bubble bath into the tub and draw the water as hot as I can make it.  I light some candles, and grab a crystal cut glass of wine, and sometimes a magazine or book, and retire to the bath for an hour or more.  It is my personal time, and I love it.  All my cares disintegrate into the bubbles, and the smell, I cannot describe the smell.  It is so rich and foamy, like nothing else I have tried.  I have been using Avon Soft Pink since I was a tiny child.  Perhaps it is the smell of memories, but it is intoxicating to me.  I looked online and could find nothing of the history of Avon Soft Pink bubble bath, but I believe it has been around for some time.  Here is what I did find.  Avon was originally California Perfume Company in 1886.  Women didn't have the right to vote.  15% of women worked outside the home.   Avon products Inc. was named in love for David McConnell's father's favorite playwright William Shakespere, who was born in Stratford Upon Avon, England.  However it came about, I love it , and I will use it forever.

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