Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

2-16-11  The groundhog didn't see his shadow, meaning an early spring.  There is a major case of spring fever hanging in the air in this household.  I am so excited to plant flowers and veggies.   This year, I am for sure planting roses and baby's breath.  Also, I heard you can plant carnations in this zone (zone 5), but they are small.  There will be an herb garden with lavender and basil (my favorite herbs).  All this will have to occur in the front yard, due to the giant white ball of fluff in my back.  I am talking about my Great Pyrenees, Snowball, who loves to dig in the wet dirt.  Last fall, I planted 100 bulbs, all of which she dug up.  I did read somewhere that dogs love the sweet smell of bulbs.  One idea I am considering is window boxes.  The perfect area is outside the kitchen window.  You can open the window and smell the herbs or the flowers.  Better yet, you could open the screen and cut the herbs to use in cooking.  Of course there will still be some cold windy days ahead, but Spring is on its way.  Here is a site with step by step directions on making your own window box:

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