Sunday, March 13, 2011

2-6-11  My husband just left with the kids for their biannual visit to the dentist.  There probably aren't any worries, as they brush everyday and try to floss often.  Good thing modern dentistry is mostly about prevention.  There is evidence of dentistry being performed as far back as 7000BC.  I can't imagine the implementations they used to take care of tooth rot.  Even the Egyptians and Greco-Romans used prosthetics and oral surgery.  Barbers used to be the ones who performed dentistry, until the first dental school, Baltimore College of Dentistry opened in 1840.  Now a dentist has to go to school at least four years, to check out your oral region.  Thank heavens for that, and the fact the tools have gotten better.  The above photo looks too painful.  My kids actually get excited to go to the dentist these days.  My daughter just told me about the glow in the dark toothbrushes they had last time she went.  We've come a long way.

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