Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Dinner

1-31-11  This morning, while chopping some vegetables for the crock pot in the pink strawberry apron my sister in law had bestowed upon me last Christmas, a marvelous sound echoed across the cold winter sky.  I stopped short...I hadn't ever heard that sound in real was church bells.  Looking at the clock, I noticed it was 10am sharp. How had I lived in this town for six years and never heard it.  The sound was beautiful and melodic.  It was an unbelievable perk to a beautiful Sunday morning.  
  My parents are coming over this evening for Sunday dinner.  What happened to the tradition of Sunday dinner?  Perhaps it has gone by the wayside, but I think it is worth keeping up.  We have so many fun diversions in life these days, but carving a niche for Sunday dinner is well worth it.  Set out the china, put out some flowers, perhaps open a bottle of wine, and invite some friends or family...who knows where the evening will lead.

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