Sunday, March 13, 2011

Superbowl Manicures and Homemade Bookmarks

2-2-11  Day 4 of being frozen in...cabin fever is setting in.  However, my daughter and I made some bookmarks together (two are shown below).  We also did Superbowl manicures.  Even  an extra girly girl can take part in the Superbowl with this idea.  Green Bay (green and yellow) or Steelers (black and yellow with red and blue accents) can be painted on to your nails and your can have a little rivalry with your friends, family or special someone.  Our family is divided 50/50.  My son and I are going for Green Bay (as you can see by my nails below), and daddy and daughter are rooting for the Steelers.  Both teams have been around for a long time.  Let the games begin. -Linda

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