Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valentine Romance

 2-1-11  Trapped inside the house during a winter ice storm, there was a lot of time to shop online for a gorgeous Valentine's day dress.  The perfect dress found me (photo above).  It was on on sale!  They suggested you wear it with seamed hose, Mary Jane high heels, black lace wrist length gloves, and maybe a fascinator.  How adorable.  Someone needs to take my credit card away!
  On another note, have you gotten that special someone a Valentine's present yet.  May I suggest the tasteful boudoir pic?  Nothing racy or too steamy, but something fun and sexy that will last well into your golden years.  I did this for my husband on our tenth anniversary.  I had a wonderful professional photographer who is also a nurse, so my bare midriff didn't make her blush.  Check out her website @  Happy early Valentine's Day!!  -Linda

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