Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recycled Valentine's Bouquet

2-20-11  The Valentine's day bouquet of pink and red roses was recycled today.  At some point, the pink ones started looking slightly droopy, and I thought it was time to separate them from the red.  Currently, two of them are upside down in the kitchen drying.  With the remaining four, I decided to take four tiny matching vases and add a drop of food coloring to each and then some water.  Then, I added a pink rose to each.  If you ever wanted to do this for fun in the spring, just get some tiny glass vases (very cheap in the floral section of any big box store), add a drop of food coloring and water, and add wildflowers or some purchased from the store.  If you would prefer a lighter shade of colored water, add a drop to a larger portion of water in a measuring cup, and pour it into the vase for a pastel beauty.  As for drying your beauties, you can air dry or microwave them.  The following site will give you directions for this:

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