Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Fever

The Spring Fever has taken hold.  I have my little “nursery” of baby plants I started indoors a couple weeks ago.  It was a little later than usual, but they should still be mature in time.  I have been scouring the Burpee and Gurney’s catalogs as well as` my new favorite catalog,  David Austin Roses.  There are such beautiful roses.  In all these catalogs, I have a wish list  total of about $1000 or more.  There are so many cool things, including royal purple potatoes, multicolored carrots, flowering trees, mini greenhouses, rain barrels, compost containers, raised beds, ect.  My ambition is always so big at the beginning of the season.  Then, I go on one out of town summer trip, and come back to weeds and kind of let things slip. This year, however, the weeds will not win.  I hope to give my garden tender, loving care all summer .

  So far, there are baby tomatoes and peppers in a rainbow of colors, herbs of all kinds, and some pretty Dahlia’s and Impatiens.  They are all growing adorably in my little indoor mini greenhouses.  I have seeds out the wazoo that can be planted directly outdoors as well.  There are several kinds of lettuces as well as fruits and veggies.  Hopefully, there will be room for everything.  The new life in the spring gives me little goose bumps of excitement.   The colorful spring flowers have provided the perfect appetizer for what I hope to be my garden’s best year.      

I am always jealous of “green thumbs” and wish my thumb were greener, but, as it stands, I believe a “green thumb” is developed over time, with experience and studying plants.  So, when I am an old lady,  I hope to have a fully-developed green thumb.  I want one of those cute English gardens with flowers everywhere the eye can look.  I want my fruits and veggies to always be plentiful, so anyone can walk out and have a taste straight off the plant.  That isn’t too lofty a goal, right?

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