Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Date With Our New Car

I'm bringing home a special someone on Saturday.  It is our family's new car.  Technically, it is my hubby's, as he traded in his old truck, but I am already head over heels in lust with it.  I even picked out an outfit to wear home in it.  I'm so excited for the size, and how many groceries, plants, ect. I can bring home in it on weekends when I go shopping.  Out here in the sticks, my usual grocery store is 20 some miles away, so I purchase large amounts when I head into town.  Also, with this new mom style car, I  feel like my grown up transformation is complete.  Perhaps I should now get the official mom haircut and highlights.  Just kidding, I am too much of a penny pincher.  Anyways, it is gold, so it should match the outfit I chose, which is pictured below in a dramitization from Polyvore.  Tell me about when you first felt like an official adult in the comments section.  Once again, if you have troubles, it is always easy to post as anonymous.  I love to hear from you!


  1. I felt grown up when we bought our house and had to pay a mortgage! Sammi

  2. Oh, I know, but I guess I was still just a kid when we had our first mortgage at age 21.