Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tying shoes and Good Reviews

    On the last day of our holiday break, I decided to teach my son to tie his shoes.  He is in first grade, which seems a little old, but I didn't learn until I was eight years old.  We have been trying to teach him since the middle of kindergarten, but we either have the wrong teaching style, or his muscle coordination just isn't ready.  Finally, with much patience and consoling words, he got it.  I can't tell you how wonderful it felt when he got it.  He was so proud, and this whole last week, he has been wanting to wear shoes with laces so he can practice.  What a sweet heart.  If you ever have trouble teaching your child to tie their shoes, here is a link to a youtube video my son and I made to help.   Even if it isn't helpful, there are other similar videos in the margin next to it. 
    After the shoe tying situation, I was on cloud nine.  This is a good time to do silver boxes.  My grandma-in-law taught me about silver boxes.  It is when you do or say something nice for someone, and it is like giving them a little silver box.  (Of course, my mom first taught me about doing something nice for someone, as she is one of the most generous people I know)   I signed up for a google review account, so I could give good reviews to wonderful hotels and resturaunts I had been to.  It is so sad to see how many bad reviews there are about perfectly good places.  (The only time I have been somewhere a bad review was due, was when we were at the Rodeway Inn in Boulder, and the couple next door had a domestic dispute with another couple where the cops were called, and people were having sex in the elevator.  I wish we had known they were renting out rooms for $99 a month.  It was a crazy time).  Enough negativity, anyhow, I want to talk about the silver spoons.  Try it out.  If you ever have a few extra minutes, get a google review account, and go to somewhere you had a wonderful time, and give them a silver box.  Not only will it make you feel good, it will probably also bring back some fond memories of the time you spent there.  Perhaps that will lead to you going back to make more fond memories.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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