Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Starts In Bed

A Little Vintage Laundry Ad (I wonder if this would whiten my pillows)

By the title of this post, you may guess Spring Cleaning is easy.  However, I just decided to start with the beds this year.  I was inspired by the coolest pillow whitening tips.  This is the link
Please, click on it to find some inspiration yourself. 

Now that you are inspired, here is a little step by step on how to deep clean the beds in your home.
Washing Machine
Laundry Detergent
Bleach (or Bleach Alternative)
Powdered Dishwashing Detergent (I didn't have any, but I had washing soda, and used that)
Baking Soda and Essential oil mixed, Plain Baking Soda, or Scented Carpet Powder

 First Step:  Throw the pillows in the wash with hot water and the first three ingredients.  Naughty me threw 4 pillows in the first load.  I'm probably going to have to do several loads (frown). Well, at least I have a washing machine to do the grunt work.  I'm not that vintage! 
Step Two: Strip the beds of all linens (which will need to be washed).  Now, I have made a little mixture of 2 cups baking soda and a couple drops lavender essential oil.  If you do this, stir it to make sure the lavender oil is evenly distributed.  Sprinkle this (or carpet cleaner or plain baking soda on your mattresses.  Let it sit for a few minutes.  Then, take your vaccum and vaccum the mattresses.  Now for the grunt work.
Step Three: Find a helper and flip those mattresses!
Now, repeat step two on the other side of all the mattresses.
Step Four: Dust the headboards, footboards with the item of your choice.
Step Five: Vaccum under the beds with an attachment.
Step Six: Pat yourself on the back!  You have successfully Spring Cleaned the beds.  Now you just have to wait for all the laundry to be done so you can make the bed.
Please, comment and let me know if you have any tricks or tips (or website links) for cleaning your beds.

My Cozy Bed all fresh and clean 12 hours later....

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