Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Tonight was one of the funnest family nights ever.  We celebrated Fat Tuesday!  Had I thought ahead, I would have planned on having Jambalaya tonight.  I had already planned the week's meals, so we had Chicken Tetrazzini, but I did go to the store for some crafts and a cake. Plus, when I got home, I cranked Pandora radio to New Orleans by Louis Armstrong.  I must say that station rocks.   I have seen some recipes for a king cake, and perhaps I will do it next year, but tonight, I just bought a tiny storebought cake, and washed one of my kids barbie baby figures to put inside.  Traditionally, the person who gets the cake with the baby host next years party, but we did something different this year.  We let our kids choose the prize.  If my daughter got it, she could plan next years Fat Tues. party, and if my son got it, he could choose where we ate dinner next time we go out (with no complaints from anyone in the family).  We made little Mardis Gras masks, and they were so cute.  It was great fun, and perhaps next year will be even more fun.  I hope you all enjoyed your Fat Tuesday.  Hopefully it is the beginning of a fun year to come.

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