Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume Craze

Before I start a crazy week of Book Fair, being the treat person for both my kids Halloween parties, and my birthday, we had a fun weekend getaway including a costume party.  I love, love, love dressing as couples to these parties, and so does my husband.   Usually, I start trolling the internet for costume ideas in August. This year, we were a mermaid and pirate (pictured above).  We have also been Oktoberfest style and Robin Hood with Maid Marian (also pictured above) in the past.  Next year, perhaps we will be a garden gnome and fairy.  Below are several ideas for couples costumes I put together on Polyvore if you ever want to try one yourself. Happy early Halloween!

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  1. What awesome his and hers costumes! Tony didn't grow up with Halloween in Italy, but has since fallen in love with it over the years through my passion for it. He hasn't embraced costumes that much yet though - but I think that with a bit more time, he will and who knows, perhaps I could even talk him into us going in matching costumes, too. :)

    ♥ Jessica