Monday, August 13, 2012

Missing Grandma Lou

Today is the one year anniversary of my grandma Lou's death.  The kids and I went to visit my mother to take flowers to grandma's grave.  She got the cutest little smiley face pot with yellow flowers inside.  She said it reminded her of Grandma's cute, smiling face.  We placed the plant and said a few words, and then we went to search for my great grandparents grave.  Finding their grave was a fun adventure with my mom.  When we did finally find it, there were pretty little flowers planted there by my mom's cousin.  There were also pesky weeds that must have come up since Memorial Day.  So my mom and I weeded, and she said the sweetest thing.  She said, "It is an honor to weed the flowers in front of their grave."  We then went to lunch, and we even saw her sister.  We were able to tell her of our adventure and show her little pics I took on my phone.  I am sharing these pics with you all as well.  It should have been a sad day, but it seems like the sun was shining a little brighter after our adventure.  Although we all still miss someone, we can try to live in the little moments like these, and appreciate those we still have with us. 

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