Friday, December 16, 2011

The Art Of Going To Bed

There are many things I love in this world, but as embarrassed as I may be to admit it, sleep is up towards the top of the list.  Wintertime morning gives me the blues, because it is still dark and extra cold when the alarm goes off.  However, I relish the evenings.  Rituals are a fun part of life, and they can make even the most menial tasks seem important.  Bedtime.....ahhh...bedtime.  Pretty bed gear is a must, be it matching flannel or silk button down jammies with slippers, or vintage silk nighties with a robe cover for warmth.  Then, after dressing the part, remove any gross traces of the day by washing the face with some cold cream and a warm washcloth, and brushing the grime off your teeth.  The warmth feels so good on biting cold winter days.  Next, rub some cream on your face in upward circular motions.  You can even close your eyes and pretend a massage specialist is massaging your face.  After your face is taken care of, head to the slumber spot.  As noted earlier in my blog, mine is extra naughty and yummy smelling.  If you would like an extra naughty, yummy smelling bed, wash your sheets once a week, and use a fabric softener in a scent that comforts you.  Plus, don't skimp on comfort.  Get some cozy bedding, and replace your pillows if they need it.  Ok, then get cozy under those covers, turn on the bedside lamp, and make sure you have a carafe full of water to keep you hydrated(I love the one from Victorian Trading Company shown below).  Then, do something calming you enjoy for a few minutes.  I like to rub lavender vanilla lotion on my feet and sometimes read for a few minutes.  I wish I could blog or look at the internet, but I hear electronic media makes you want to stay awake because of the light, and I have noticed for me that is true.  However, it may not be true for all, so if that is how you destress and forget the day, do it.  Another handy thing for bed is a sleep mask.  It keeps the light out, and makes you feel like Holly Golighty from Breakfast At Tiffany's.  Sweet dreams, and I want to give a shout out to a coworker of mine who believed in me, read my blog, and put some post on pinterest.  Thank you Caren!

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  1. Awww Linda! I love your blog! Its a little bit of you: sweet, beautiful, funny, inspiring and a little naughty!