Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girl's Weekend

Everyone needs to get away once in a while.  Plus, I think girlfriends are a must have to keep sane (even if you have the perfect life).  So on the most hectic week of my awesome new job as librarian, I was lucky to have a girl's weekend to Estes Park scheduled.  I left from my busy workday, picked up a lovely girlfriend an hour after I left, and we resumed driving and chatting for two hours until we reached our destination.  The drive up there was the beginning of the fun.  It is so fun to chat with your longtime girlfriends (this particular one and I had been friends since fourth grade, not to mention she was my boudoir photographer).  I told her how I had been such a grouch to my family, and hopefully distance would make their hearts grow fonder.  She told me similar stories.  Then, when we arrived at our destination, boom it was so fun.  Two more of our lady friends were waiting for us in a divine place called Mary's Lake Getaway(photo above, website as follows  I do suggest you stay there.  It was like having a beautiful mountain lodge all to yourself.  Waiting for us with open arms were the two previously mentioned lady friends, Erica and Samantha (known since kindergarten and sixth grade, respectively).  That night, at the suggestion of my friend Samantha's mom, we went to dinner at Dunraven's.  It was the most magical, delicious Italian resturaunt, with an eccentric decor.  There were Mona Lisa interpretations everywhere.  On the walls and ceiling of the entrance, there were $1 bills taped everywhere.  I asked an employee, and he said it was more than $10,000.00.  He said it is good luck if you tape a dollar bill to the wall.  I asked if a penny would bring luck, and he said no.  Being the cheapskate that I am, I had to decline.  Who knows where I could spend that dollar on girls weekend.  It is late, and I must be off, but stay tuned for the conclusion to girls weekend.....

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