Thursday, June 20, 2013

Picnic in the Park vs Picnic in the Yard....

This was our setup under the shade tree in our yard today.

At storytime this week, the kids heard it was National Picnic Day.  They rushed home to tell me, and asked if we could have a picnic.  I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea.  It didn't turn out so brilliant.  We brought our picnic basket, but drove through KFC to get our food (I was feeling blissfully lazy).  We got to the park, laid out our blanket and basket, applied bug spray, and took out our food.  So much food was missing from our order.  Being the hungry bear I was, I grouched at the kids for starting to eat without me and grouched at them to get in the car asap.  I later apologized for aforementioned grouching.  We had to drive back to KFC, and they gave us our missing food, but didn't say sorry or offer any discounts.  Well, at least we had our food.  Then we drove back and relaid our blanket, and resumed our picnic.  It was one o'clock by the time we finally ate, and you have never seen anyone eat so quickly as we did.  Then, I come to find out after searching the internet, National Picnic Day is actually April 23rd.  

Now, for the perfect picnic story which happened today...

It doesn't have to be National Picnic Day to have a picnic.  Every day can be a picnic day.  I have even been known to set a blanket on our living room floor in the dead of winter to have a picnic.  There is just something so unconventional about sitting on the floor or ground, eating out of a cute little basket.  Today, while enjoying the beautiful weather, I was inspired to make a picnic lunch.  It is so easy to pull together yourself as long as you have the fixings for a sandwich and some easy sides.  Or, you could do something simple like crusty bread and jams and cheeses.  Today, I decided on pasta salad and BLT's.  

 Nothing special, just from a box...

I was getting hungry while making these beauties.

In order to make it special, I did gussy up the sandwiches by wrapping them in wax paper, and tying curling gift ribbon around the paper.  Then I curled it with the scissors.  I also cut some wild roses from a nearby bush, and put them in a vase to add a touch of glamour to our picnic.

 Our spoils look pretty and yummy

 My boys are eagerly awaiting their food.

Remnants of a well had husband and kids even took the dishes in the house for me.

In this round, the yard picnic definitly won.  It is kind of nice proximity if you forget anything.  However, I will still attempt the park picnic again.  I'll just make sure to check the contents of the food bag next time.  Better yet, maybe I will pack my own.  Have a picnic today with someone special.  It really is a fun way to brighten your day.  Also, please let me know any fun picnic stories or suggestions in the comments.  Linda


  1. I agree that home packed lunches are the best. Unfortunately I had the same experience from the KFC but was too tired to even go and fix the problem. My kids love anything out of the ordinary - even if it is a simple sandwich in the backyard. I am glad that you had so much good help with your picnic in the yard! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks. I'm so sorry to hear you also had that problem. It would be an easy fix to just stop going, if only their coleslaw wasn't so delicious. However, I did find a recipe that taste very similar. Let me know if you ever want it.

  2. Oooh, how wonderfully lovely! I didn't even know that there was a national picnic day (perhaps it's more of a US observance) - you'd have thought I might have known though, as I devoted a post to vintage picnics this past Sunday. Serendipitous timing. :)

    Here's to a gorgeous start of summer and many more wonderful picnics for you and your family to come this season, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I just went and looked at your picnic post (and commented). It is so cute, and I am so embarrassed I did the same subject matter this week. You are so sweet to call it Serendipitous timing. I hope you have a picnic with one of those cute plaid outfits and post wardrobe pics.

  3. Your blog is soooo cute!
    I remember having little picnics in my back yard as a kid. It was fun. Mom would make a lunch for my sisters and I and we would spend the whole afternoon reading under the trees and looking at clouds. I wish I was little again just thinking about it.

    1. Thanks so much. I just now saw this comment. Sometimes, when I wish I was little again, I just pretend that I am by doing things like laying on the ground looking at the clouds or stars.