Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snood Giveaway

My mom introduced me to my first snood around 7th grade.  She bought me an ivory one, and a black one.  Since my hair is usually unruly, I felt so beautiful when I wore it.  That was until the day a popular classmate sitting behind me in class said it looked like a hair net.  I was crushed, and I never wore a snood again.  However, those days are over.  I am going to buy some snoods to go with every outfit.  If I ever see her I will smile and wave, and in my brain I will say, "How do you like my snood?"  If you would like to win a beautiful snood of your own, please enter on the following blog.  You must blog about this giveaway, follow her blog, and let her know you did it.  Happy snood.

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