Thursday, July 26, 2012


As Bob Marley sang, “hope you like jammin’ too”.  Perhaps he was talking musically, but I like jammin’ in the summertime with fruit.  My sister and I have a tradition where every summer, we get together and make jam.  She lives eight hours away, so we don’t see each other very often.  Jammin’ with her is a special time to enjoy one another’s company, while doing something productive and fun.  We even made up a fun little jam dance to help the jam “set”.   Below is a picture of my sister doing the Jam Dance.  Sometimes we laugh so hard, I just about pee my pants.  Unfortunately this year, we weren’t together in a location with a stove, so the Jammin’ didn’t take place.  I decided to make jam anyway in honor of my sis, after seeing her last week.  Although it was bittersweet without my sister, I did have some help from my two precious children.  I also took a pic of me doing the jam dance without her (shown below).  My sister may not have been there, but, hopefully,  she will smile when she receives a package in the mail containing her jam.

If you want to make the jam I made last night, buy a package of Sure Jell powdered pectin and about 4 cups of your desired fruit.  The pectin has the instructions inside for cooked jams and jellies.  I did the blueberry last night, but I did substitute some rhubarb and strawberries for part of the blueberries.  They all go well together.  I sanitize my jam jars and lid rings in the dishwasher, then I dry them thoroughly.  I boil the sealing lids and dry them before using them.  When the jam is done cooking, I put it in the sanitized jars wipe the lids, and invert them.  They seal that way, and you don’t have to process them.
Whoops, I dropped a blueberry....don't worry, this won't go in the jam.
My lovely assistant helping pick out the stems.

 cooking and smashing
 Inverted jars

Do you have any fun summer traditions with family or friends?  Please comment.


  1. Your sister looks like a beautiful lady who can dance like the dickens! I'm sure you missed her dreadfully. Love the blog!
    Mrs. Namreuechs

  2. Oh Mrs. Namreuechs, you always bring me joy in your comments. You don't sound near as grumpy as the students describe you. I would love to invite you to follow my blog. As you can see, I only have six followers. Just go up to that little blue box and hit "Join This Site". FYI, I got the email with my credit card reciept. It is very professional. Way to go.

  3. Your jam looks absolutely scrumptious! My family (not my parents, but some of my great aunts and uncles) used to operate blueberry farms in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia and my mom and her siblings spent their summers working on the farm picking blueberries. As a result, my mom has a total soft spot in her heart for these tart, juicy little fruits and collects items that feature them, so whenever I hear the word "blueberry", I cannot help but think loving of her.

    ♥ Jessica