Friday, March 23, 2012

Tooth Fairy Fail

My son lost his two front teeth in the same week. I was sneaking into his room in the early morning to exchange the tooth for the money, and I stepped on an old baby doll his sister had given him.  It started playing a lullaby in a horrible distorted tone.  The batteries were very old.  It sounded like a tune from a horror movie.  I froze, hoping he wouldn’t wake up, but the demented doll just kept playing the tune.  It was awful.  He woke up.  “What are you doing in here?”, he asked.  I was afraid he was going to find out the tooth fairy was false.  I replied, “I was just going to wake you up, but it is early and you look so cozy, why don’t you go back to bed.”  As I said this, I leaned in to give his little precious head a kiss, and stealthily made the exchange-cash for tooth”.  I am still worried he knows, and it was a hilarious moment.  More care must be taken next time.


  1. Ha, ha I love this story! Sooo CUTE!You tell stories like a lady I know named Mrs. Namreuehcs:)
    Do you like licorice?