Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grandma Lou

I was so proud of my grandma Lou.  She was the grandma you pictured when you thought of a grandma.  She had curly white hair, and she always had it fixed.  She wore polyester pants, cute little shirts with birds on them, and matching necklaces and earrings.  Her house was also the quintessential grandmother’s house.  It was yellow with cute black shutters and a perfectly cared for yard with little cement animals.  I had so many adventures in her yard and ate her tart green apples right off the tree.  Grandma’s oven always had treats inside, although not fresh cookies like you might think.  Better yet, there were individually wrapped Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and Star Crunches.  She  made Spaghettios piping hot, and let us watch The Price Is Right and The Young And The Restless with her.  She said phrases like “For Pete’s Sake” and “I do declare”.  There was never a holiday dinner, birthday dinner, or family reunion that she missed.  At Halloween, we went to her house and she gave us a special ziplock bag filled with several kinds of candy and a dollar.   However, none of these things compared with the way she paid attention to me.  She listened intently to stories I told her like I was the only one in the room.  And I have a feeling she was the same way with all seven of her grandchildren, because family meant so much to her.   She passed away the other day, and I was quite surprised to see that she was not always my grandma.  She used to be that beautiful young thing pictured above.  It is so easy to think that she was just mine, but she wore many hats throughout her life.  I sometimes wish I could travel back in time and be her friend.  I love her and miss her, and will try to keep her memory alive by sharing her wonderful grandmother qualities with  those who weren’t fortunate enough to have my grandma Lou for themselves.  

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